Best-Known Network Marketing Companies

Here’s a list of the top most recognized network marketing companies in the USA today, not in any particular order:

* Avon
* Melaleuca
* Mary Kay
* NuSkin

These are all successful Network marketing or Mlm companies who’ve survived. There could be over eighty MLM companies going strong today, but countless thousands have failed before them.

If you’re brooding about Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing, looking at this list can tell us one significant thing – all of the products sold by these companies are “evergreen” products.

The products were in demand ten years ago and will continue to be needed in years to come.

If the network marketing company you are considering joining doesn’t have a product you can describe as evergreen, you are taking a big bet. Electronics for example, are obsolete in a matter of months. MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING has been proved only to work best with the types of companies we have mentioned above.

So in order for your network marketing business to achieve success, the company you join should already achieve success, have a proven track record and also have the following attributes:

Powerful management: the reputation and the expertise of an MLM enterprises management team is important to success it is a business model of itself, so that’s where the expertise comes in.

Training sessions: the company should supply wonderful coaching tools and marketing programs so that you can further your business, you can only succeed by completely understanding these systems, which you then can pass on to your team.

A coaching programme: an one-on-one mentorship programme is useful for you to facilitate your business; these programs go past the sales, marketing and coaching aspects of managing a business.

You’ll form a relationship over time with your coach, and it should be someone that is successful and also an individual whom you like and trust – he or she will enjoy helping you improve.

Taking as an example 3 of the companies mentioned above, that is the reason why they’re so successful:


Amway is renowned for its mad sales conferences which energize and inspire representatives to achieve success ; $8 billion in annual sales proves that these sales meetings work. They’ve an inventory of over 450 products that cover everything from cleaning supplies to health-related products.

When turning into a distributor for Amway, unlike the other MLM companies, you do not have to purchase inventory, and if you decide to leave, the company will purchase any leftover inventory back from you. Why would anybody wish to leave Amway?

Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef is famous for its cooking demonstrations and for selling high-quality kitchen widgets and cooking utensils thru a distribution network of somewhere in the region of seventy thousand folk. Their demonstrations are naturally part of the attraction marketing model, and in addition they have raised over $7 million to help hungry folks around the planet. Who can go thru life without buying pots?

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is most likely one of the most famed MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING or network marketing enterprises today.

They have been selling individualized beauty offerings since 1963 and their home beauty sessions have to be the epitome of “attraction marketing”.

If You’re Not a Risk Taker, Stay in the Safety Section

Are you serious about joining a multilevel marketing opportunity?

If you have a nervous disposition and would rather be with a company that has proven itself over the passage of time stick with one of the companies above. Start ups may offer dazzling opportunities, but really unless you can afford to lose three to 5 years of difficult work then do not take the chance.

It’s difficult to believe there are over 60 million network marketing consultants worldwide at any one time. Granted, a lot of them are not making any money. So what is the secret ingredient?

A solid network marketing company will provide wonderful training and support. After you have a firm grip on what is it takes to build a solid network marketing business for yourself, it is going to be easy for you to succeed with any M.L.M company.

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