Bereaved Daughter Wins £95k in Mesothelioma Claim

The daughter of a man who died as a result of extensive asbestos exposure more than 50 years ago has received £95,000 in mesothelioma claims money. The man contracted the deadly asbestos-related cancer as he entered into his early 70s and sadly died shortly after initiating the mesothelioma claim against his former employer. The daughter of the victim stated in the compensation claim that her father first noticed the deterioration in health in 2010 when he experienced severe weight loss and increased difficulty in catching his breath.

Over the following months, other symptoms which are common in mesothelioma cases started appearing. These include reduced appetite or appetite disappearing entirely and minor to severe chest pains. Early the following year, the elderly man and his daughter went for a chest scan and biopsy which confirmed that he had contracted the malignant mesothelioma cancer. They hired a specialist no win no fee solicitor two weeks after the initial diagnoses. Once the family had started their mesothelioma claim, the man became increasingly frail and was largely incapacitated. Following several hospital admissions in order to receive further care, he was finally submitted to a specialist hospice where he died.

During the mid 1950s the man, who was originally from Gravesend, had worked for a local construction firm as an electrician undertaking a number of short-term contracts around schools in Kent in South London. Amongst the man’s list of duties were rewiring cables and laying them underneath the existing pipework within loft spaces of schools. Asbestos lagging is notoriously common in such establishments and has the nasty characteristic of flaking off in clumps and gathering as harmful dust in the confined and unventilated parts of buildings such as lofts.

Further exposure to the mesothelioma-instigating material was experienced while the man was working at power stations near the Gravesend area. Here, he fitted large amounts of raw electrical cable close to huge amounts of dust which the laggers would create, apparently causing him to arrive home with his shoes covered in the asbestos dust. He would then revisit the same site and work next to huge vats where workers added water to the material to form a paste which would later be applied to pipework.

The case represents an increasing number of asbestos compensation claims, the majority of which are mesothelioma claims. As we approach the fifty-year time period for mesothelioma to manifest itself within the human body, the time lines match the stage in industry where the material was commonplace prior to being banned. If you’ve suffered any symptoms similar to the ones in this article, it’s recommended that you seek a diagnosis as soon as possible, something which can be set up by a no win no fee solicitor at an expert clinic.

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