Behavioral Health Law Is Exploding. Is Your Medical Practice Prepared?

For many reasons, many Americans are finding it difficult to cope with life’s stresses. They are turning more and more to health professionals to treat their emotional pain. Sometimes, treatment is a vicious cycle as the medications that are prescribed can increase dependencies and worsen the patient’s depression and anxiety. National Institute of Mental Health research date shows that tens of millions of people nationwide need mental health care. The NIH believes that only about half of the people who need behavioral health treatment are getting the medical help they need. Recent estimates from the Mental Health in America report (2015), put the number of people who need mental health advice at more than 40 million, about 18% of the population. These people need help for the following types of behavioral health problems, among many others, Agoraphobia Anorexia Nervosa Any Anxiety Disorder Any Mood Disorder Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Autism…

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