Before Your Surgery: How to Make Sure Your Doctors and Hospital Prepare Properly

Surgery is in your near future and you’re feeling nervous. One mistake could cause years of suffering. Now is not the time for complacency; by paying attention to seemingly mundane details, you can ensure that hospital staff members are adequately prepared. Check Hospital Ratings and Lawsuit History How do Leapfrog and Consumer Reports (two of the most comprehensive providers of hospital ratings) grade the hospital you intend to visit? Specifically, what do they say about surgery? How likely are patients at your desired hospital to contract infections? Lawsuit history can also provide valuable insight into the preparedness of your surgical team. Contact the medical licensing board to determine your surgeon’s history with medical malpractice cases. Ask Questions How experienced is your physician? Is your proposed surgery medically necessary? How long will recovery take? Somebody on your surgical team should be able to provide clear answers to these and other…

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