Be ‘discriminating’ yourself: Taking control over interviews

MeToo-like experiences can crop up during any interpersonal interaction, especially when one party feels less powerful than the other. You can better leverage your strengths and equalize the playing field by knowing how to wield more control within the job interview process. AAAWKWARD! Certain types of questions are obviously discriminatory in an interview setting. Even if you have no employment law experience, you ought to be aware that you can’t be asked certain questions. What’s off limits? Questions that relate to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual preference or orientation, disability, age or genetic information, marital or pregnancy status, or the number of children you have. But there are a myriad of other borderline areas of questioning that can make you feel extremely uneasy, such as: What brings you to this city/state/ location? This isn’t an unfair question, but it’s one that may be trying to get you to reveal…

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