BC Attorney General Unveils “Dirty Money” Report by Peter German

The Dirty Money Report At 9:30 PDT this morning (June 27, 2018) BC Attorney General David Eby QC convened a press conference to discuss the release of the much anticipated report by Peter German QC. Minister Eby was joined by German, a classic quadruple threat. Quite boring really. Lawyer (BC and Ont), former RCMP member of 31 years, Correctional Service Regional Deputy Commissioner, money laundering expert and textbook writer, PhD, and Queen’s Counsel. He does not, so far as we know, hold any Olympic medals, important medical patents or Eurovision victories. Those who tuned in to the live stream, as I did, were given a summary rundown of the astonishing links between BC’s broken regulation of casinos, the absurd Vancouver real estate market, and the devastating opioid crisis. The “Vancouver Model” of money laundering revealed in the report is a trailer of BC’s shame, although this was not the first we have heard of it. The BC AG had appeared…

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