The basis of a Crestor lawsuit

Crestor or rosuvastatin calcium is a cholesterol reducing drug from the statin group. It has been approved by The Food and Drug Administration as the strongest medication of its class. Since then it was largely used as it is believed to reduce the level of bad cholesterol with up to 50%, especially if combined with a healthy diet and exercises.

However the medication can also lead to some dangerous side effects. Over the years different potentially life threatening medical conditions has been reported. Rosuvastatin is known to cause muscle damage. When a large number of muscle cells die, a massive amount of muscle protein is released into the blood stream. As it becomes trapped in the kidney, the filtering process is affected and kidney failure might occur.

Another potentially life threatening condition is related to the fact that damaged muscle cells release potassium which can affect the heart and result in cardiac failure. The most severe side effects of the drug include heart attack, diabetes, sudden cardiac death, kidney failure and death from a heart related condition.

Affected patients or their relatives might be interested in filing a rosuvastatin heart failure lawsuit. However they should know that legal action can be taken only within a certain period of time after the injury, a period different from one state to another. Also in order to have a valid claim, they will have to prove that the injury suffered was indeed the result of the cholesterol medication. To do so they will need specialized support from an experienced personal injury lawyer. If there is a valid claim for a product liability lawsuit, injured patients are eligible for financial compensation. The amount of that compensation will be established according to the severity of the injury and should cover the costs of future medical care and treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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  1. Kenzlea says:

    looks like the judge did them a favor. it appears that there will be a specail legistlative session, they will revise the shakier part of the law and move forward. the governor has already stated they will go the route, to the SCOTUS if need be. The ruling will get overturned on appeal.

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