Bangladeshi Oil Worker Dies after Being Rescued from Gulf Of Mexico

Out of the seven oil workers who were rescued from the Gulf of Mexico last week where they had been stranded after Tropical Storm Nate, one worker has died. The Bangladeshi worker died in the hospital where he had been taken for treatment after being rescued. The seven workers had been rescued from their life raft. There were a total of ten workers working on a liftboat in the Gulf of Mexico. The workers had been employed by a Texas company called Geokinetics. The list boat was owned by a company called Trinity Lift Boat Services in Louisiana. The crew members included four US citizens. After Tropical Storm Nate disabled the vessel, the crewmembers abandoned the rig, and got into a life raft. They were stranded for three days while the Mexican navy as well as rescue crews of the national petroleum agency, Petroleos Mexicanos combed the next waters looking for them. The rescue efforts for the crewmembers continued over air and sea, and fortunately, they were located on Sunday. However, the Bangladeshi on worker died on Sunday night. Two other oil workers died before they could be reached by rescue personnel. Authorities are still looking for one more crewmember. All surviving crew members are believed to be in a stable condition. Brian Beckcom is a maritime lawyer who represents crewmembers injured in towboat, cargo vessel, tanker and container ship accidents across the globe. If you have been injured on a vessel, contact the maritime lawyers at Vujasinovic and Beckcom for a free evaluation of your case. You can also download a copy of this report: The Insider's Guide to Winning Your Maritime Injury Case.

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