Bait and Switch

The wife's birthday is coming up and I'm thinking that maybe we head off to Las Vegas to take in a show, have a fun buffet dinner, do a little sightseeing, some nookie…  It's all good.So, I'm logging onto the website to book a room.  I find a FANTASTIC deal at a posh resort.  I click accept, accept, accept, got to the page that added all the fees annnnnnnnnnnd when I found out that with the added fees and taxes that the fantastic deal at the posh resort wasn't as fantastic as I thought.  In fact, the added fees darn near doubled the initial price.Yeah, thanks but no thanks.  Dang but I don't know how Vegas stays in business what with all the bait and switches going on.Imagine if something like this happened in the legal realm.  Take, for example, the lawyer who came into my library the other day.  He had been working to settle a long standing breach of contract case.  Opposing counsel had…

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