Bad News Received: What Do You Do Next?

A diagnosis of a fatal illness leaves everyone in shock.  However, when reality sets in, other considerations need to be handled. If the worst news is received on the medical front, emotional and medical resources are necessary.  However, legal considerations are also needed to handle end-of-life planning, according to CNBC in “When end-of-life planning is suddenly a lot closer than you thought.” A good place to begin is to start assembling all your financial information in one place. An old-school, loose-leaf binder may be easier for your family, depending on their comfort level with technology. If your family is accustomed to online portals where information is stored, consider the emotional state of shock they will be in. Make it as easy and accessible as possible for you and them. The information should include your Social Security benefits and pension information. There may be survivor benefits that your family will need to know about. Include the…

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