Average Hourly Divorce Attorney Rate By Region [Infographic]

One of the biggest factors that contributes to the high cost of divorce is the hourly rate attorneys typically charge. Hourly rates can vary quite dramatically depending on many different factors, including the size and prestige of the law firm and the experience level of the lawyer. Typically, hourly fees range from anywhere between $50 to upwards of $700. Keep in mind that an attorney’s hourly rate is not necessarily a reflection of how good of a lawyer they are. Another factor that affects how much attorneys charge per hour is the market in which the case is taking place. Just as the cost of living is higher in certain parts of the U.S., the cost to get divorced also varies substantially state to state. GOBankingRatessa recently compiled a list of the most expensive states to get divorced in. According to their data, the average divorce filing fee in the United States is $215 and the average divorce attorney’s fees total $10,180. Using their statistics,…

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