Austin on Understanding the Neurobiology of Emotion @SturmCOL @WFULawReview

Debra S. Austin, University of Denver College of Law, is publishing Windmills of Your Mind: Understanding the Neurobiology of Emotion in the Wake Forest Law Review. Here is the abstract. Intelligence has been parsed into categories including general intelligence (IQ), which is cognitive capacity, and emotional intelligence (EQ), describing social competency. Perhaps the most important new form of intelligence that lawyers can cultivate is neuro-intelligence (NQ), which is an understanding of the most important tool a lawyer must deploy – the brain. NQ can help us understand how emotions that arise in the brain are often experienced in the windmills of the mind as “words that jangle in your head”. Boomers will enjoy the Noel Harrison version of Windmills of your Mind, which won the 1968 Academy Award for Best Original Song, while Millennials should check out the Sting version from the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crowne Affair. This article describes the…

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