Audio: Readings From "The Habit of Turning The World Upside Down"

Last week, author Howard Mansfield joined us at the William and Mary Law School for two sessions about his recently-published book, "The Habit of Turning the World Upside Down – Our Belief in Property and the Cost of That Belief."  His book is about property, property rights, and what he has discovered about how these ideas are processed by the American psyche. The first session was open to the entire student body, faculty, and public, and the highlight was Mr. Mansfield reading some of his favorite passages from his book. The second session was a student-only chat about some of the themes that he emphasizes.  If you were not able to join us in-person, listening will be able to give you a sense of why we think this book is a timely rumination on what "property" means, both good and not-so-good.  If you can't stream the audio above, download the mp3 file here. 

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