Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Continued Appearance of Racism

Appearances of racism have haunted President Donald J. Trump since the very day he announced his intention to seek the American presidency. During his campaign and even more during his tenure as president, Trump has either allied himself with or spoken admiringly about people who have deep ties to white nationalism and Neo-Nazi beliefs, such as political strategist Steve Bannon and Sabastian Gorka.   The appearance of racism in the Trump political orbit gained credence when the president appointed Alabama Senator Jeff Session as Attorney General of the United States. Sessions’ political career has always been dogged by accusations of racism.   Sessions and Shadow of Racism   For example, in 1986, Sessions was an assistant U.S. Attorney in Alabama when President Ronald Reagan nominated the 39-year-old prosecutor to a federal judgeship. That nomination was derailed when credible evidence surfaced that Sessions had a history of using the n-word and held the Ku…

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