By: Michael McNeil Around 20 million people will apply to college this year, and when they do, colleges will be watching them. Using big data analytics software from companies like Technolutions Inc., schools will know when an applicant opens an email, how long they spend reading it, and whether they click on any attachments or hyperlinks. They will see when an applicant visits their website, what they look at, and how long they stay on each page. They will know when an applicant visits their school, calls and asks for information, or RSVP’s to an event the school is participating in. All this and more will be tracked, annotated, and measured, so that the college can assess the applicant’s “demonstrated interest” in attending their school. Demonstrated interest is an important consideration in college admissions today because it allows schools to protect their yield rates (percentage of accepted applicants that end up enrolling at the school). All…

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