Ask the Hiring Attorney: Do I respond to informational emails from the partner?

Q: I’ve just started my internship at a law firm. The partner in charge of the deal sends out emails to the entire deal team. He’s started to include me. Most of the emails concern the status of the deal; they don’t pose questions or give assignments. The emails don’t explicitly ask for a response, and I’m assuming that no one on the deal responds to them and so I’m not supposed to either. But I’m not sure and not responding at all makes me uncomfortable. I want him to know I’m reading them, but I don’t want to clutter up his inbox with lots of emails just saying, “Thanks for the info!” What do I do? A: That’s great news the partner is including you in these emails. It sounds like he’s gone out of his way to make sure you feel like part of the team. Often, partners don’t take the time to do this, nor to they ensure that law clerks or summer associates get the chance to see the Big Picture.…

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