Arturo Lopez-Levy & Rolf Otto Niederstrasser: "Five Keys to Presidential Change in Cuba"

The recent transition of leadership in Cuba, through which Raúl Castro ceded the Presidency of the Republic to Miguel Diaz-Canel (while retaining the position of 1st Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC)), has elicited at least some interest outside of Cuba. At a minimum, the transition spoke to the inevitable passage of time and pointed to the shape of Cuban leadership once the generation of "los históricos" pass from the scene through death or old age. While I agree that history does at  times produce historical events that serve as markers of transitions, I was less eager than others to see in this change in the Cuban presidency some sort of transcendent change pointing to something like fundamental regime change–either within the meaning of those terms in Cuba's governance structures, or as it has come to be understood in places like the United States. Seeing much more continuity than transition, I thought it was an interesting…

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