Are Your Networking Efforts Wasted?

If we were guaranteed to get business every time we met someone new, we’d all be networking all the time, right? But instead, networking takes time, it takes finesse and relationship-building, and often, you’ll find yourself talking to someone who may not be giving your their business or they may not have business to give you. Two complaints about networking that I’ve heard frequently are “this person doesn’t benefit me” and “I haven’t gotten any business yet.” But are these always wasted efforts?  Networking is never a waste Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve invested your time in speaking with someone and learning more about them, only to find out that they’re in another, unrelated industry. You realize that you are unlikely to get business from them, and you feel frustrated, like you’ve been wasting your time. But if you connect with someone and get along with them, it doesn’t matter…

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