Are P3s the Answer to U.S. Infrastructure Issues?

After last month’s meeting with Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, President Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan has become $2 trillion. As the legislature continues to digest the plan, many are beginning to raise questions about the plan’s viability. The fundamental issue is a predictable one–$2 trillion is a big number, and legislators are having trouble deciding how to pay for it.  Unfortunately, $2 trillion is not nearly big enough—even if the legislature were to come together and agree on a method of budgeting for the $2 trillion, it would cover less than half of the country’s critical, short-term infrastructure needs. The American Society of Civil Engineers has estimated that the U.S. needs to spend $4.5 trillion by 2025 just to ensure the continued operation of our infrastructure. That number is the minimum to keep limping along—it does not contemplate upgrades to address long-term sea-level rise and…

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