Are Hold Harmless Agreements Enforceable?

When you sign yourself or your child up to participate in a sports or recreation activity you may have noticed a rise in the number of companies that require you to sign a document before you participate. Exculpatory contracts, or hold harmless agreements, are being used to try to keep you from suing if you are injured. These documents are being used more often, and in some cases, can restrict your right to bring a personal injury lawsuit if you are injured while participating in an event or at a venue. When Exculpatory Contracts are Enforceable These agreements are legally enforceable, and can be used to prevent you from filing a lawsuit if you are injured. However, the language of these agreements must be specifically tailored and narrow enough to make them enforceable. Many are not. When you engage in higher risk activities, you can be injured by a third party, or by the negligence of the business itself. For example, if you are injured in a skydiving accident, the skydiving…

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