Appropriate and Inappropriate Clothing Choices for Your Divorce Hearing

The process of filing for divorce can make for a very stressful experience. When a married couple decides to file for divorce, each party can be affected financially and emotionally, and each spouse’s self-esteem can be destroyed. When attending the divorce hearing, each spouse may not know what exactly to wear for this occasion. However, each spouse must know that the divorce hearing is a formal event, and an appropriate presence is to each spouse’s advantage. The Importance of Presence During a Divorce Hearing The judge in a divorce case must base his or her final decision on the testimony or evidence. However, how a person dresses and his or her presence can be the ultimate deciding factor. How well the person dresses sends a signal to the judge about how much he or she really cares about the divorce case, and could potentially affect the divorce case in a negative manner. Appropriate and Inappropriate Presence for a Divorce Hearing Wearing jeans that are…

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