Appellate Court Issues Groundbreaking Interpretation of Equal Pay Act

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Equal Pay Act (EPA) prohibits an employer from paying a female employee less at their new position based on their salary at a prior job. The ruling came in a lawsuit by Aileen Rizo who sued the Fresno County Office of Education over her salary. “The 50-year-old statute had not been interpreted that way before,” says Scott Witlin, a partner with the Los Angeles office of Barnes & Thornburg LLP, where he heads its Labor and Employment department. The EPA, implemented by Congress in 1963, was designed to eliminate long-standing pay disparities between the sexes, not preserve them, said Rizo in court. Permissible factors other than sex should be “limited to legitimate, job-related factors such as a prospective employee’s experience, educational background, ability, or prior job performance,” said the court. Prevailing precedent interpreting the EPA, dating back to 1982, indicated that…

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