Appeals court enforces air waybill liability limit in case alleging injury to exotic cat

Lentini v. Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NY App. Div. 2nd Dept. Mar. 14, 2018).  The plaintiff, a New York resident, had purchased a “Savannah silver spotted kitten” from a Florida kennel for $2,300.  She planned to train “Prince Maddox” to compete in “cat shows where he would have been eligible to win prizes upwards of $1,000.”  The plaintiff, as consignee, executed Delta’s air waybill for the transportation of one “live cat,” with no value declared, from Palm Beach International Airport to LaGuardia Airport.  According to the plaintiff, Prince Maddox was delivered to her at LGA wet and unable to walk, and he was subsequently diagnosed as having a broken hip, which led to veterinary bills exceeding $7,000. The plaintiff sued Delta, alleging causes of action for negligence/recklessness, trespass to chattels/conversion, bailment and economic damages.  Delta moved for partial summary judgment, requesting…

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