AOC and Constitutional Workarounds: A Frivolous (?) Analysis

On Saturday the Washington Post published its update on the race for the Democratic nomination. The top three are Harris, Sanders, and Warren. Assume (as I think likely) that AOC might well displace one or more of those were she to be a candidate. But, "of course," she can't be a candidate because she won't have "attained to the Age of thirty five Years" by January 2021.Why the scare quotes? Maybe there's a workaround she could use. Suppose she found a loyal but pretty schlumpy supporter, Joe or Jane Smith, who's thirty-six years old and living in an apartment in Brooklyn while working as a barista at (why not?) Starbucks. AOC and Smith announce that Smith is running for President on a platform with a single but broad plank: If elected Smith will appoint AOC White House Chief of Staff and do whatever she says on everything other than the purely formal things a president has to do (physically signing bills and pardons, receiving…

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