Another opinion survey

Civis Analytics (CA), a firm started by 2012 Obama campaign veterans, conducted a telephone opinion survey February 28 about American policy priorities.  Powerline reported their results here, and Vox, here.Powerline excerpts two charts from the CA survey.The first chart shows responses of likely Democratic voters – whose top priority if  Democrats take control of the White House and Congress in 2020, is “health care”!  Really? Because Obamacare didn't work?  Because this time, they’ll fix it fer shur?  Reminds me of an old Flip Wilson punch line:  “Hell no, you broke yours off already!”  The second chart shows responses to the same questions, only this time the sample group is all likely voters – in other words, not just Democrats.  Notice how the percentages change from the first chart to the second.  The second chart reveals far less less support to “health care”.Yet…

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