Another Melon Salmonella Lawsuit Coming?

What year is it? Over here at Make Food Safe we’re feeling a bit of deja vu. That’s because the FDA has announced that Caito Foods LLC is recalling pre-cut melon, watermelon, honeydew melon, and mixed fruits over fears of contamination of salmonella. Remember the Melon Salmonella Lawsuit we talked about last year? Well, there’s another outbreak and likely another salmonella lawsuit coming. But here’s what you need to know now.  Regular readers of this blog might be checking the date on this post. That’s because the summer of 2018 saw a very similar recall and batch of suits. It also involved Caito Foods, their pre-cut fruit products, and fears of salmonella contamination. In that case, at least 77 people got sick in some 13 different states. 13 victims ended up in the hospital, and a whole mess of pre-cut fruit in plastic packaging was recalled. Sounds pretty familiar to us. It’s the Same Old Thing in 2019 Now, a year later, the same…

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