Another Hugh Hefner May-December Marriage

You've probably already heard about Hugh Hefner's Christmas engagement to 24 year-old Playmate Crystal Harris. (I wonder if her name is as fake as her breasts?) Hef is 60 years older than Ms. Harris but I suspect he doesn't see that as a problem, despite the fact his second marriage to Kimberly Conrad, with only a 36 year age difference, lasted but nine years. Conrad and Hefner also have some unfinished business. Although they have been separated for over ten years and Hefner says he has paid her spousal support of $40,000.00 per month, she sued him last month alleging that their prenuptial agreement provided for payment of an additional $4 million. Mr. Hefner says he has already paid her almost $12 million since their separation and wants her to vacate the home, next to the Playboy mansion, that she has lived in for nearly a decade. Their divorce will be final in March 2011. May-December marriages are not uncommon in California's entertainment business. Michael Douglas, who just reprised his role in "Wall Street", is 25 years older than his Oscar-winning wife Catherine Zeta Jones. Billy Joel's third wife, Katie Lee, was 32 years younger than him. They separated in July 2009 after five years of marriage. "Do ya think I'm sexy" singer Rod Stewart is married to Penny Lancaster who is 26 years younger than him. His previous wife of nine years, model Rachel Hunter, was 24 years his junior. Rachel took up with NFL hockey player Jarrett Stoll, only 12 years younger than her, who recently left her waiting at the alter. "Indiana Jones" aka Harrison Ford married "Allie McBeal's" Calista Flockhart this year after an eight year relationship. Their age difference is 23 years. Flockhart is Ford's third wife. His divorce from wife #2, Melissa Matheson, cost him $85 million plus a cut of his future film earnings. Ouch! So does Hef get the grand prize? No, I think that belongs to the late Anna Nicole Smith, who married tycoon billionaire J. Howard Marshall. He was 62 years her senior. Some say she married him for his money, but to date, neither she nor her estate has received much of anything. That may, however, change because in September 2010 the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear her last appeal. It's not over, 'til it's over…. Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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