Another Bomb Cyclone! Don’t Slip, Fall, and Get Blown Away

Our area is in the midst of the season’s second bomb cyclone, a term made popular when the Northeast was inundated with heavy snow from an intense winter storm in early January. This storm has brought inches upon inches of snow and rain, along with coastal and inland flooding, not to mention near-hurricane force winds. Pedestrians have been stranded in their cars and their homes, while others are stuck without power. We are urging New Jersey residents to stay inside and off the roads. But if you do go outside, you might be subject to many of the slip and fall incidents that are associated with winter storms. In the case of this storm, going outside might result in you getting blown away. What You Need to Know Let’s say that you walk outside of your home this evening after the weather starts to calm down. As your walking up and down your street’s sidewalk to check out any damage from the storm, you slip and fall on an icy sidewalk; severely injuring yourself in…

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