Announcing Justia Lawyer Rating and Reviews

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Justia Lawyer Rating and Reviews feature on the Justia Lawyer Directory. We hope this new addition provides helpful information to consumers looking to hire a lawyer. The Justia Lawyer Rating and Reviews system is based solely on attorney-to-attorney reviews, and all reviewers must be personally familiar with the work of the lawyer for whom they are submitting a review. The system includes both numerical and written components. We have identified four key areas in which reviewers must provide both a numerical rating and narrative explanation: Legal Knowledge Legal Analysis Communication Skills Ethics and Professionalism The overall Justia Lawyer Rating is based on the scores given to a lawyer by his or her reviewing peers and is displayed as a badge on an attorney’s profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory. Attorneys may also display the badge on their websites and other marketing materials. You can see from the screenshot below…

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