Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Last Friday, April 19th, marked the first day of the month long 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, an armed uprising against Nazi attempts to transport all the Jews in the ghetto to death and labor camps. By the summer of 1942, the Germans had contained the Jews from Warsaw, Poland and the surrounding areas into the Warsaw Ghetto, until 500,000 people were penned up in a space of 840 acres.  This area was initially surrounded by barbed wire but eventually a 10 foot high brick wall surrounded the ghetto.  Beginning in July 1942, the Nazis transferred an average of 5,000 Jews a day to Treblinka until by September 1942, only 55,000 Jews remained in the Warsaw Ghetto.  During this time, a resistance group began to form, the Jewish Fighting Organization, and in January 1943, when the Nazis resumed the deportation of Jews, they met with unexpected resistance.  Deportations were suspended until April 19, 1943, the eve of Passover, when Heinrich Himmler ordered the launch…

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