An Easy Tax Issue for Judge Judy

It has been a while since I commented on a television court show episode. It’s a combination of not seeing very many new episodes, and the absence of any tax issue popping up in the episodes that I did see for the first time. It’s not as though there has been an overall shortage of episodes providing material, as can be seen in the long list of posts I have written about television court shows, starting with Judge Judy and Tax Law, and continuing with Judge Judy and Tax Law Part II, TV Judge Gets Tax Observation Correct, The (Tax) Fraud Epidemic, Tax Re-Visits Judge Judy, Foolish Tax Filing Decisions Disclosed to Judge Judy, So Does Anyone Pay Taxes?, Learning About Tax from the Judge. Judy, That Is, Tax Fraud in the People’s Court, More Tax Fraud, This Time in Judge Judy’s Court, You Mean That Tax Refund Isn’t for Me? Really?, Law and Genealogy Meeting In An Interesting Way, How Is This Not Tax Fraud?, A Court Case in Which All of Them Miss The…

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