An attorney admitted to the New York State Bar is subject to the State's registration requirements as long as he or she remains "duly admitted to the bar.

22 NYCRR 118.1 [a]-[c] provides that the registration requirements for attorneys applies "for as long as the attorney remains duly admitted to the New York bar" and such registration may only be terminated by the attorney's death, disbarment or formal resignation upon order of the Appellate Division.* Attorneys once admitted to practice law in New York State are required to register with the Office of Court Administration biennially.An attorney was admitted to practice in New York State in 1982 and listed his business address as being in another state. When sought to leave to resign from the New York State bar for nondisciplinary reasons as permitted by 22 NYCRR 1240.22 [a], the Attorney Grievance Committee [AGC] opposed the attorney's application because the attorney was not current in his New York attorney registration requirements, having failed to timely register for his biennial period registration period, which commenced in 2018.The Appellate Division…

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