An AI Outperformed Top Lawyers

An AI outperformed top lawyers and the lawyers were happy. Don’t fear the reaper, perhaps? On the near horizon is a robot that can craft a 12 page indemnity while also making a perfect Eggs Benedict. The programmers still say robots will not have enough processing power to guide the New York Jets to a SuperBowl until 2172. “Twenty of the country’s top corporate lawyers were pitted against a specialized AI called the LawGeex AI in a battle to see who could spot the flaws in five non-disclosure agreements with the greatest speed and accuracy….The LawGeex AI achieved “an average 94 percent accuracy rate, higher than the lawyers, who achieved an average rate of 85 percent. It took the lawyers an average of 92 minutes to complete the NDA issue spotting, compared to 26 seconds for the LawGeex AI,” reports Hacker Noon. That isn’t even close.” Read: An AI Just Outperformed 20 Top Lawyers (and the Lawyers Were Happy)…

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