AMP Conf 2019 Recap

Spring is here, as is the beginning of tech conference season. In the last month Google has had two major conferences. First was its annual conference on Cloud Computing and Enterprise technology called Google Next, which took place in San Francisco, and then a week later Google devs traveled to Tokyo for the third annual AMP Conference. Among those in attendance at AMP Conf this year was Justia Engineering team member Luis who was excited to get time with the Google devs and other AMP developers from around the world. In the space below, we describe some of the most recent developments in the AMP project. AMP is no Longer an Acronym One of the smaller announcements at AMP Conf is the decision to change AMP from an acronym to a word. When the AMP project began it was an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages. As time has gone by and the AMP project has grown, the project is less and less about Mobile Pages and more about Accelerating the internet as a whole. As such the new…

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