American Top Gear Sucks

Don't take my word for it. My friend, UCLAW colleague, fellow UK Top Gear fan, and co-author Bill Klein, who is older and much wiser than I, tells me that: It has always been annoying to see how they messed up the wonderful British show with their feeble, forced humor, misguided metaphor, and stilted lead characters, but I stuck with it to see some interesting cars while skipping most of the rest. This week, however, was the last straw. Despite having a live audience they used what was obviously a laugh track–than which there is nothing that I find more abhorrent. I've had all I can take . . . Me too. It's sad that the US can't seem to make a decent car show. Of course, it's even sadder that we can't seem to make a decent car. (Now that'll bring out the comment trolls.)

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