Amazon and its private labels: the once and future "frenemy" of brands?

Let’s begin with the provocative. Scott Galloway, a professor of Marketing at New York University, is reported by The New York Times to have stated as follows: “I think, effectively, you have a company that has conspired with about a billion consumers and technology to destroy brands. Their attitude is that brands have, for a long time, earned an unearned price premium that screws consumers.”The “company” to which Galloway refers is Amazon. “Wait a minute, doesn’t Amazon make it easier to buy a wide array of products via its platform. Isn’t Amazon a brand’s best friend?” Before you dismiss Galloway’s words out of hand, consider the recent article, mentioned above, by Julie Creswell, “How Amazon Steers Shoppers to Its Own Products.” Amazon may not be the ultimate destroyer of the brand, but a credible argument can be made that Amazon and brand owners are at best “frenemies” (when one is…

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