Alternative dispute resolution: A practical skill to develop in law school

Case briefing, legal researching, exam writing, white-glove editing, and public speaking are the major skills that we, law students are expected to master by graduation. But, what can we do to distinguish ourselves and highlight the practical skills we bring to a future employer? What practical classes should we take before our time in the ivory tower is finished? I was curious if my classmates were also seeking out Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) skills during law school. Kendra Rivas, a second-year evening student at McGeorge School of Law, offered some insights on how taking a mediation class has influenced her career search. Regarding the mediation class you took, did it have any impact on your career choices? I heard about mediation prior to taking the class, but I did not know exactly how it worked or what the process was. I enjoyed the class because we practiced various scenarios and applied different mediation methods. The exercises helped understand the…

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