Allegedly Defamatory Tweet About Non-Resident Insufficient to Confer Jurisdiction

This is a lawsuit for defamation brought by Jason Miller. The particular claims in question arise out of a tweet. Miller was an advisor on the Trump campaign and later became a commentator and consultant. He was allegedly involved in an affair with another Trump campaign staffer that resulted in a child. The other staffer and Miller split, and the split was contentious. She filed a declaration (sealed) in court accusing him of previously “surreptitiously giving a woman an ‘abortion pill’ . . . .” Reporter Katherine Krueger reported on the filings and the contentious split generally. Miller sued Krueger and her publisher in Florida. Following filling of the lawsuit, Will Menaker posted the following (with a link to New York Post’s Page Six on the lawsuit): “Rat-faced baby-killer and Trump PR homunculus, Jason Miller, is suing my girlfriend for $100 million, cool!” (The tweet is here.) Miller filed an amended complaint adding a claim…

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