Allegations of "copycatting" in high tech industry plausibly accuse target of patent infringement

Global Tubing LLC v. Tenaris Coiled Tubes LLC, No. 4:17-CV-3299, 2018 WL 3496739 (S.D. Tex. Jul. 20, 2018)The parties compete in the market for coiled tubing products for the oil and gas industry. They and one other company allegedly dominate the “highly competitive” coiled tubing marketplace in the U.S. (Id.) Global Tubing characterizes that market as “a small, close-knit community,” in which “[e]verybody knows everybody.” Tenaris launched BlueCoil and Global Tubing subsequently launched Duracoil, both using a similar manufacturing process.Global Tubing alleged false advertising based on several statements: (1) at “the primary industry trade show in Houston,” a Global Tubing employee asked Tenaris’s Chief Technology Officer whether he had seen Global Tubing’s product launch. He said he had, but could not speak with the Global Tubing employee because, in his words, ‘I can tell you right now we’re probably…

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