All that giltters is not gold

When was the last time you cracked open and read a "real" book?  No, not those electronic abominations.  I mean an actual book with paper and ink and everything. The way the media plays it, you'd think no one ever reads books any more.   In fact, I was talking with a librarian who works at a  a law school the other day.  He informed me that they don't teach students how to use print resources anymore.WHAT?!  Don't teach print?  Apparently, law schools have scads of money to spend and can, apparently, afford most everything the online world has to offer.It's no wonder, then, that I regularly have new (and some seasoned) attorneys come to me and stand with awe and amazement at the wonder that are the print books on our shelves that no one had ever told them about. The problem is that not everything is online.  Yeah, yeah – I know that's a shocker for some people.  Even if you have gobs…

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