Alex Rodriguez Has No Legal Right To Privacy While Toilet Texting in front of a Window in NYC

Do you have a right to privacy while sitting on the toilet texting in front of a clear window in New York City? When I lived in New York City, I understood that when I was naked in front of my windows anyone could see me and potentially photograph me and post it online. Former professional baseball player and admitted steroid cheat, Alex Rodriguez, recently got caught with his pants down while sitting on the toilet in his New York City apartment. According to a photograph, he likes to sh*t and text on his phone with the blinds open. Someone using a high powered telephoto lens caught him in the act and posted it online. In the scheme of things, this isn’t a big deal. Rodriguez’s private parts are not in this image. He has dealt with a lot more embarrassing things in his life. However, he isn’t amused and according to The New York Post, he is looking to take legal action against the person who took the photo and posted it online. Those who have…

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