AIPPI Congress Report 1: Standard essential patents – maximizing value before enforcement

This year's AIPPI Congress is in Cancun, Mexico.  Yes, try explaining this location to your colleagues and clients.  But although the waters are crystal blue and the sand warm and soft, most attendees are spending their days in windowless conference rooms debating the latest developments in IP law and practice.  One such person is guest Kat reporter, Richard Vary (Bird & Bird) who was on hand to report on yesterday's panel session on standard essential patents (SEPs).  Over to Richard:Yesterday's SEP session"Gertjan Kuipers from De Brauw chaired the highlight of the AIPPI Conference for 2018: the SEP panel (at least in this author's view). He chose as the topic the slightly less often asked question of how to optimise a patent business in today's SEP licensing world. Peter Martinsson from Ericsson introduced Ericsson's contributions to the connected world. He reminded us of the huge advances made in the last few…

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