AI generated make-up: another IP dilemma to solve?

A-eye make-upPhoto & artworks credited to Tag PelegKat friend Francesca Mazzi, from Queen Mary University London and Maastricht University, shares her feline musings on the implications of AI-generated make-up for copyright law. The AI Empire strikes back. Open your Instagram account and you will discover intriguing pictures of Kylie Jenner’s half-painted face accompanied by captions written by Dazed Beauty, which reads: “AI GENERATED MAKE-UP” (see here). What does “AI-generated make-up” mean? Dazed Beauty is a community platform dedicated to “redefining the language and communication of beauty”. The platform was launched by Dazed Media, an independent British media group specializing in fashion (see here). Dazed Beauty uses Beauty_GAN, an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm written by two design studios (Selam X in Berlin and ART404 in New York City) to create hair and make-up looks without human intervention.How does the…

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