Agriculture Myths

Everywhere you read, you can find myths on every subject available. While there are a few myths that turn out to be true, most are not. Taking the time to research them, most myths are found to have no proof to back them up and are usually started by urban legends. I am in no way making fun of myths, I just want to help us understand they exist and for us to use logical thinking – and maybe to dispel a few along the way. Here are some Agriculture Myths that you may have heard. Food safety and the agricultural (Ag) industry walk hand in hand, but how much of the Ag side do we really know and understand? I can honestly say I am in the camp of not knowing much at all so this has been an enlightening journey for me. A word of warning though: as always, it is best to do your own research and make informed decisions on your own. Don’t just listen to what others say, find out for yourself. For the purpose of this discussion (if you haven’t picked up on it) is Ag…

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