After 6 dead with 19 with Listeria Grower Cleared to Grow Rockmelons

I am just not sure about this.  Should a grower responsible for illnesses and deaths and the devastation of the Australian rockmelon industry be allowed to start production of rockmelon months after an outbreak? NWS Food Safety Authority announced yesterday the likely cause of 19 Listeria illnesses with sixth deaths. What is Listeria and how do rockmelons become contaminated? While rockmelons are grown off the ground on top of plastic sheeting, the fruit is grown in the open farm environment and subject to rain, wind and other natural contamination pathways. Listeria species, including Listeria monocytogenes, are soil bacteria that are naturally found in the environment, including farm paddocks. It is not unusual to find Listeria on the surfaces of any raw fruit and vegetable. Rockmelon skin is rough and irregular which allows more soil and bacteria like Listeria to be trapped. How did this outbreak happen? To reduce the risk of contamination farms usually wash and…

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