Adopting a Stepchild in Michigan: Benefits and Process

If you have been helping to raise your spouse’s children for some time now, you probably consider them “your” children already, even if they are not “yours” biologically and legally. Obviously, you cannot do anything about the biological part. But have you thought about legally adopting your stepchildren?  Benefits of Stepparent Adoption You might choose to adopt your spouse’s child for any or all of these reasons: To secure for you all the legal rights of a parent to make healthcare, educational, and other decisions on behalf of the child. This could be crucial if the child has a medical emergency. To protect your long-term rights as a parent in case of divorce or the death of your spouse. This could become urgent should your spouse become seriously ill. To give your stepchildren the same right of inheritance that a biological child would have. To create a sense of equality in the family when you have a mix of children who are…

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