Ad Says I Can Negotiate with IRS!

“We Can Lower Your Tax Debt by 50, 70 or Even 90 Percent!!!” Ads like this are highly misleading.  I have many clients who go first to the hucksters pedaling such false promises, and then come to me when it’s clear they won’t get anything for the money they paid these creeps. IRS Doesn’t Negotiate While it is possible to negotiate your tax debt with the IRS, it is also extremely rare that the IRS will do so.  Almost everyone who successfully negotiates away some of their tax debt will never work again and thus has no future earning potential. If you are among the millions of Americans who owe the IRS and are still working (or could be), there are ways to get a break from the IRS but these breaks are not negotiations.  Why? The IRS will never negotiate with a taxpayer because it doesn’t have to.  Assessing and collecting taxes is a traditional, even iconic, exercise of governmental power.  It does so without…

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