ActosLawsuitsNews : New Actos Bladder Cancer Website Launched To Help Actos Victims

Some Actos Lawsuits have been filed all over the country against the manufacturer of Actos. If one has been under Actos medication and is now suffering from Actos bladder cancer for example, then it is important to get a free case evaluation to see if one qualifies for compensation.

“If you are to wait too long it will not matter if taking Actos has caused you to have one of the major side effects or has caused one of your family members to pass away. You will lose your right to file an Actos lawsuit and it will not matter how good your case is, if you wait too long,” according to Peter Morrison, the website owner of Actos Lawsuits News website,(

This newly launched website,, provides an opportunity to get a free compensation evaluation. When the case is reviewed and evaluated successfully, knowledgeable lawyers get in touch with the victims to start preparing their Actos lawsuit.

Actos, known for its generic name pioglitazone and classified under thiazolidinediones or glitazones, is a drug prescribed by doctors to treat patients who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. While it gives comfort to those with the dreaded disease, they still carry on suffering with the side effects brought by the drug such as bladder cancer, heart attacks, congestive heart failure, liver problems, lower bone density leading to fracture, and in extreme cases, death. Actos is also included in the group of medications that put patients on high risk such as Avandia, removed from the market due to heart attacks and Rezulin, removed from the market due to liver toxicity.

The well known consumer watchdog group, Public Citizen, has pinpointed that victims should file an Actos lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the main proprietor of this drug. The group stresses the side effects that Actos has on type 2 diabetes patients which outweigh the potential health benefits of the drug. Food and Drug Administration officials have tried looking into the possible risk of Actos bladder cancer in September 2010, due to information passed on to them from an ongoing ten year study saying that users may have increased health risks if they carried on taking the drug. At the moment, the FDA is still in the process of reviewing Actos and deciding if it should be taken out of the market or not.

There is no need to wait for any motion from the FDA because the Actos Lawsuits News website has been launched to provide assistance to those who have been victims of the prescription drug Actos, especially those suffering from Actos bladder cancer. An Actos lawsuit is not too far ahead. Just fill up the form to get free compensation evaluation and you are one step closer to an Actos lawsuit.

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