Access Free PACER Data on CourtListener

For users who are deterred by the $0.10 per page fee for most of the court documents on PACER, the government-run website that provides case and docket information filed at the federal courts, the RECAP Archive on the CourtListner website may provide a valuable alternative.The RECAP Archive relies on the volunteering contribution of users and a software, the RECAP Extensions for Firefox and Chrome, to collect court documents from PACER. Once a user installs the RECAP Extensions, every document purchased on PACER by the user will be added to the RECAP Archive and become available for free.Since 2009, the RECAP Archive has collected tens of millions of searchable PACER documents, including every free opinion on PACER and scanned PDFs that were not originally searchable on PACER but converted later. Detailed coverage of the PACER data can be found here, RECAP Archive supports not only key word searches, but also terms & connectors…

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