Access Copyright Post Secondary Tariffs – 2011-2013 & to 2014-2017 – Coming Soon to a Campus Near You?

On February 6, 2019 the Copyright Board issued the following Notice:File / Dossier: Access Copyright  –  Post‐Secondary Educational Institutions (2011‐2013 and 2014‐2017)  Access Copyright  –  Établissements d'enseignement postsecondaires (2011‐2013 et2014‐2017)February 6, 2019[CB‐CDA 2019‐007]NOTICE OF THE BOARDThe Board wishes to consult Parties on issues of tariff wording before proceeding to certification.  More specifically, the Board seeks comments on the two attached draft tariffs, for the periods of 2011‐2014 and 2015‐2017. The text of these tariffs is based, respectively, on the 2012 AUCC Model Licence (Exhibit AC‐2V), and the University Three‐Year Premium Licence (Exhibit AC‐23N).  Portions of the tariffs in respect of rates and interest factors have not been included in the attached versions.  Parties shall comment on the feasibility…

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